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With the Royal Rumble happening next weekend, we try to convince you on why there’s nothing to be embarrassed about and why it’s okay to like pro-wrestling! From there, we talk about LARPing and CosPlay; plead to our listeners to help spread the word and interact with us; Pimp the shit out of our sister site:; talk about how neither of us give a shit about any professional sport; Call Mike Savage a racist; and discover that Mark really, really likes candles. Continue Reading

What’s this? Has Ryan gone soft (no, not like that)? This week, we celebrate our tenth episode as Ryan turns over a new leaf in his thoughts on war. Then we talk about governmental philosophies and the benefits of just burning it all down and starting over. Plus, We read our first listener mail! Very exciting. Continue Reading

We have an action-packed and whiskey-fueled episode this week! We talked about getting pissed, demonstrations, not being an asshole, and shitty journalism. Then Ryan introduces a new term – Bloodless Genocide – when the two talk about panhandling laws, helping the homeless, and the Super Bowl. WOW, that’s a whole lotta stuff in just one tiny little hour!

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