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This week our heroes talk about cutting the cable cord, how one political douchebag wants to whitewash our history books, and politically shame Tennessee representative James VanHuss for being a moronic asshole incapable of understanding the simple concept of Separation of Church and State.

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This week we talk about all the good things that are happening – the silver linings! We go back a little to internet dating, picking up girl on Valentine’s Day, wedding crashing, Kanye & Beck, and we learn that people are scared of Ryan. Then we discuss how we’re hurdling towards oblivion, the war with ISIS and Mark rants about God in this week’s political shaming.

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This week, Ryan loses his fucking mind and goes on TWO rants as we talk about internet dating and dating profiles, read some listener mail, and make a couple of (sort of) big show announcements! Happy Valentine’s Day! Continue Reading

People like us! After a totally inconspicuous week off from bringing you, the people, world news and info, and hilariously insightful conversation, we’re back this week answering listener mail from fans just like you! If you want in on this sweet action, email us at! Continue Reading