It’s episode 25! In celebration (sort of, okay, not really), we take a break from current events, talking about police shooting black people and how the government is fucking us all, and we talk a little more about our weight loss and diets. Also, Ryan tells us about his fascinating life in World of Warcraft and yells about his cunty ex-wife who pocketed the child support and left their first born son to starve and wear second-hand rags. Also, Ryan dishes out some solid life advice in the form of a toast. Continue Reading

This week, we talk about whistleblowers and the lack of protection from the government (imagine that – the government doesn’t want people ratting on them…). We also revisit our addiction/disease debate and come to an understanding – it all comes down to words and their proper use, and another update on our continuing weight loss endeavors. Continue Reading

As Ryan was driving around a kid from Brazil, the topic of American culture came up. This week, Mark and Ryan further discuss American culture, or maybe the lack thereof, and they get into a fight over whether or not addiction is a disease. Continue Reading

This is it. Ryan has had enough and finally reached a breaking point. Due to lack of correspondence, interaction, and enthusiasm, Ryan starts to question whether or not the podcast is worth the effort and sacrifice of his weekends. Then he yells. Again. Also, we relay a couple of stories from Uber and public transportation. Continue Reading

With a whole new candle, you can really smell the gay in Mark’s apartment!¬†This week, we talk about protesting and what it takes to get noticed, police shootings, cameras, and then give a couple updates on Ryan’s Uber experiences, and our heroes’ weight loss progression. Continue Reading