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It’s Ep. 31 – Shootin the shit. This week, we’re just shootin the shit, talking about Guns n Roses, getting rich quick, celebrity culture and why some celebs get away with almost literal murder, while others get publicly shamed. Continue Reading

We’re covering a wide range this week. We go everywhere from our weightloss progress to working out in public. Ryan gives a couple of life lessons in discussing our childhoods and somehow manages to do it with yelling only a little bit! Mark talks about the wilder days as a no-good criminal teenager and Ryan talks about the influences in his life. From there, they both go on about drug use and experimentation. Make the kids listen – it’s fun for the whole family! Continue Reading

This week, we talk about whistleblowers and the lack of protection from the government (imagine that – the government doesn’t want people ratting on them…). We also revisit our addiction/disease debate and come to an understanding – it all comes down to words and their proper use, and another update on our continuing weight loss endeavors. Continue Reading

As Ryan was driving around a kid from Brazil, the topic of American culture came up. This week, Mark and Ryan further discuss American culture, or maybe the lack thereof, and they get into a fight over whether or not addiction is a disease. Continue Reading