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It’s Ep. 31 – Shootin the shit. This week, we’re just shootin the shit, talking about Guns n Roses, getting rich quick, celebrity culture and why some celebs get away with almost literal murder, while others get publicly shamed. Continue Reading

It’s episode 25! In celebration (sort of, okay, not really), we take a break from current events, talking about police shooting black people and how the government is fucking us all, and we talk a little more about our weight loss and diets. Also, Ryan tells us about his fascinating life in World of Warcraft and yells about his cunty ex-wife who pocketed the child support and left their first born son to starve and wear second-hand rags. Also, Ryan dishes out some solid life advice in the form of a toast. Continue Reading

People like us! After a totally inconspicuous week off from bringing you, the people, world news and info, and hilariously insightful conversation, we’re back this week answering listener mail from fans just like you! If you want in on this sweet action, email us at! Continue Reading