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This is it. Ryan has had enough and finally reached a breaking point. Due to lack of correspondence, interaction, and enthusiasm, Ryan starts to question whether or not the podcast is worth the effort and sacrifice of his weekends. Then he yells. Again. Also, we relay a couple of stories from Uber and public transportation. Continue Reading

With a whole new candle, you can really smell the gay in Mark’s apartment! This week, we talk about protesting and what it takes to get noticed, police shootings, cameras, and then give a couple updates on Ryan’s Uber experiences, and our heroes’ weight loss progression. Continue Reading

This week, we talk about weight loss and dieting, an update on Uber driving, more shitty journalism, fascist police and that god damned worthless TSA invading ballparks. And Ryan starts yelling again. Think about the children!!

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Back from Vacation! Back from our week off and this time we’re talking about Marine recruitment marketing, Uber, slow drivers, war policies, Ted Cruz’s inevitable failed run for President, and New Orleans!

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This week, we talk about military recruitment practices as it comes to light that Ryan’s goofy ass kid has decided to join the United States Marine Corps. Then we shame not one political asshole, but 47 of them! Also, it’s St. Patrick’s Day!!! So let’s everybody do what we can to insult Ireland and the Irish and celebrate a day that is ultimately about the English subjugation of Ireland by drinking green beer and obliterating ourselves, exactly like nobody in Ireland does!

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