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It’s Ep. 31 – Shootin the shit. This week, we’re just shootin the shit, talking about Guns n Roses, getting rich quick, celebrity culture and why some celebs get away with almost literal murder, while others get publicly shamed. Continue Reading

Back from Vacation! Back from our week off and this time we’re talking about Marine recruitment marketing, Uber, slow drivers, war policies, Ted Cruz’s inevitable failed run for President, and New Orleans!

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This week, we talk about military recruitment practices as it comes to light that Ryan’s goofy ass kid has decided to join the United States Marine Corps. Then we shame not one political asshole, but 47 of them! Also, it’s St. Patrick’s Day!!!┬áSo let’s everybody do what we can to insult Ireland and the Irish and celebrate a day that is ultimately about the English subjugation of Ireland by drinking green beer and obliterating ourselves, exactly like nobody in Ireland does!

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This week we talk about a Supreme Court decision on a matter of religious freedom when a girl is denied employment at an Abercrombie & Fitch store in Tulsa Oklahoma because she was wearing a Muslim head scarf. Then we go back to whitewashing history, talking about what a dickhead Columbus was, shout out to a couple friends and shame an Oklahoma Senator. Continue Reading