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It’s episode 25! In celebration (sort of, okay, not really), we take a break from current events, talking about police shooting black people and how the government is fucking us all, and we talk a little more about our weight loss and diets. Also, Ryan tells us about his fascinating life in World of Warcraft and yells about his cunty ex-wife who pocketed the child support and left their first born son to starve and wear second-hand rags. Also, Ryan dishes out some solid life advice in the form of a toast. Continue Reading

With the Royal Rumble happening next weekend, we try to convince you on why there’s nothing to be embarrassed about and why it’s okay to like pro-wrestling! From there, we talk about LARPing and CosPlay; plead to our listeners to help spread the word and interact with us; Pimp the shit out of our sister site:; talk about how neither of us give a shit about any professional sport; Call Mike Savage a racist; and discover that Mark really, really likes candles. Continue Reading