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This week, Ryan loses his fucking mind and goes on TWO rants as we talk about internet dating and dating profiles, read some listener mail, and make a couple of (sort of) big show announcements! Happy Valentine’s Day! Continue Reading

People like us! After a totally inconspicuous week off from bringing you, the people, world news and info, and hilariously insightful conversation, we’re back this week answering listener mail from fans just like you! If you want in on this sweet action, email us at questions@impossibletimes.com! Continue Reading

With the Royal Rumble happening next weekend, we try to convince you on why there’s nothing to be embarrassed about and why it’s okay to like pro-wrestling! From there, we talk about LARPing and CosPlay; plead to our listeners to help spread the word and interact with us; Pimp the shit out of our sister site: Rysham.com; talk about how neither of us give a shit about any professional sport; Call Mike Savage a racist; and discover that Mark really, really likes candles. Continue Reading

Finally getting into our groove. Got the sound locked down and the editing dialed in. We talk about Ferguson, our listeners and a little bit of wrestling in our attempt to bring it back to the masses. Continue Reading